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My portfolio of web development work is below.

Work I've Done

Websites can change over time, especially for former clients. I’ve collected screenshots from some of my projects from the past few years and specified my role in each project. The majority of these sites no longer look like the examples shown.

These icons explain my role(s) for each project.

 Web Design: I designed or highly customized the visual aesthetic and/or layout for this project.

 Front-End Development: I coded and/or scripted the layout for this project, to a degree of building out more than just customization, like what you see on this page.

 Back-End Development: I coded and/or scripted custom assets for this project, including but not limited to custom behind-the-scenes functionality.

 Copy Writing: I wrote the majority of of the content for this project.

Amanda R Parr, MBA (This Site)

Uptown NW Collection

Jensen-Byrd District

Bothell Mercantile Fire

Custom Functionality: This website was built as a one-page blog reel. The clean simplicity of the site structure allowed for easy updating and expansion of the page content.

The Merc "Coming Soon" Page

Special case: I built this template, and it was used on several previous projects, but it was not used on this project until after I left the company.

Summerwell Homes

Award Winning!

Best Website for a Home Builder
2016 Tribute Awards

Voltage House LLC

Legacy Homes

RM Homes

Liv Bel-Red Apartments

New Home Council

Rudd Development

Denny 18 Apartments

Holgate 12 Apartments

Camden Gardens

Icon Apartments

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