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Amanda R Parr, MBA

Amanda R Parr, MBA

Business Consultant, Web Developer

Amanda is a web developer and marketing professional who has always balanced wearing many proverbial hats. Born with an insatiable amount of ambition, Amanda has spent her life obsessively pursuing knowledge and self-improvement. Originally intending to be a psychiatrist, she has always been fascinated with the human mind and the logic behind the decisions and aspirations of others.

She has been a Web Developer since approximately 2001, but was merely an obsessed hobbyist until approximately 2011. Much of her career so far has consisted of developing websites for clients at marketing agencies in the Real Estate industry’s New Home Construction niche. She has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Information Systems Management, and a Graduate Certificate in Project Management, highlighting her interest in entrepreneurship and the more technical and logistical aspects of managing a business.

Her curiosity about the logic and strategy behind Social Media Management combined with experience in web development and education in business has facilitated a hybrid skill-set where Amanda excels at the technical side of marketing and social media management, where most others fall short… but falls short on the social side, where most others excel. In other words: she does her job well, but she’s not arrogant about it. She’s made it her mission to help others succeed in areas where she cannot.

Business Consultant

Providing private and group consulting services to web designers, web developers, and to entrepreneurs focused in B2B service-based industries.

Marketing Strategist

Helping businesses make the most of their presence on the internet – especially social media – by building strategic marketing plans for our modern digital world.

PHP Web Developer

Building custom solutions – only when needed – for the most impactful client websites… creating beautiful websites that work, and work for you.